Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

WTR1 has the following privacy policy so as to disclose the practices in lieu with the collection, storage, usage, access and sharing of information and such other followed practices:

Hence, using this website and accepting the Terms and Conditions a user agrees to the Privacy Policy. In case the user does not agree to the Terms and Conditions of this website then, the user must not use this website else it is absolutely on the user's discretion for which the host of the website or any of its associates and consultants are not held to be responsible in any way.

Information collected on accessing the website:

  • On registering and creating an account on the website the user's information is collected.
  • The information provided by the user on the website like in case of creating an account, such information provided may be collected so as to benefit the user for proper interaction with the website, enhanced services and other necessary purposes. The collected information includes:
  • Basic Information: Name, Contact Details such as E-mail, Mobile Number, Telephone Number, Residential/Office Address and such other information required to create an account for authenticity of user's identity.
  • Financial/Transactional Information: In case user's interaction on the website is based on activities like selling, buying, bidding etc. then in such cases financial and transactional information are collected.
  • Technological Information: The user's IP Address, Location, Device Information etc. collected for getting informed about the web traffic, page views and other such webpage information or for the purpose of advertisement, statistics etc.
  • General Information: WTR1 collects non-identifying, general and aggregate information for enhancement of the website and its services.
  • Any such information provided by the user through any communication channel like chats, dispute resolution, or shared by user from other social applications, services, websites or any such correspondence.
  • The information received from cookies and such other technology or by third-party, through user's browser may be recorded.

Storage and Safeguarding of Information

Such collected information will be stored on the servers in the various locations from where the host and its consultants or associates has its operations. Such information will be under proper control and maintenance. Adequate measures are taken to protect and safeguard the information and reduce all types of associated risks.

Use and Sharing of Information

  • The information which can be used contains user's location or the geographical area from where the website is accessed or any transaction executed.
  • A user's information might only be shared with associated concerns/entities of WTR1, its consultants, advisors or service providers located at various cross-national locations keeping into consideration all safeguards.
  • WTR1 does not share any collected information of the user with any other person or any outside business entity apart from as furnished in this privacy policy.
  • Information of a user can be shared in case of any legal disputes, issues or fulfilment of any such legal necessity to avoid any disruption in the procedure of law.
  • Information required for the purchase and sale of goods and services might be used and shared for ease in such exchange of goods and services.
  • Information may be shared as required for the purpose of advertising, promotions etc.

Accessing and Updating of Information

  • A user can access and update the information through profile settings.
  • The information related to goods and services can be updated which must be authentic.
  • On accessing website through any social networking sites then, in such case the user's information linked with the account may be received and recorded.
  • For any queries in lieu with accessing and updating of information a user may write to

Communication with User

  • For confirmation of account creation and verification;
  • For intimation of processed transactions and confirmations;
  • For the purpose of communication of billing related information;
  • For sending promotional e-mails/messages;
  • For advertising of goods and services;
  • For taking feedbacks or for any such related communication.
  • A user may discontinue such e-mails only in case of termination of account.
  • A user may unsubscribe from emails at any time by unsubscribing.
  • A user can take preventions and accordingly do settings with regard to cookies and site data and such other content sites settings.
  • WTR1 may use and collect information for the purpose of marketing, promotions, advertising, improving services and customise the user's preferences.
  • Third-Party sites may record the information from cookies, browser etc.
  • A user's IP Address may be recorded for security purposes.
  • A user must not share any obscene, undesirable material on the website.
  • WTR1 is not responsible in any case for the information/material a user shares.
  • WTR1 is not to be made party in any law suit. Such issue pertains to be between the buyer and seller of goods and services.
  • WTR1 is not responsible for any discrepancy on the website.

For any clarifications, contact

By using this website a user agrees to this Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions.

This policy is liable to be changed/updated without prior warning and the latest one is uploaded as on date.