How it Works
How it Works

If you intend to buy/sell goods or wants work/needs work on freelancing basis then follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Post Commercial

    Post commercial in the respective head of (Add Commercial) Tab specifying whether you are looking for sellers or buyers or are giving an offer or are looking to take an offer. So here you can post commercial irrespective of whether you are a Seller/Buyer or Service Provider/Receiver.

  • Get Bid

    Get the Bids for your commercial from interested ones. On the basis of your commercial you will receive the bids so that you get to know who are interested in the proposal posted by you and accordingly make the choice.

  • Chat

    Chat with Bidders regarding commercial. You can chat with the interested bidders by responding to their bids and to have better communications. You can clarify your doubts, understand the requirements, or for the purpose of negotiations, specifications, clarifications, terms and conditions etc.

  • Award

    Award to the best bidder of your choice. After following the above steps choose from whom you want to buy the goods or to whom you want to sell the goods or to whom you want to render services or from whom you want to receive services.

  • Create Milestone

    Create Milestone for your project wherein you set the progress linked dispatch of goods/services or payment.

  • Release Milestone

    Check that all work is done to the point that you agreed, or the deal you made is completed to the point you want it to be. If this is okay for you then release the set milestone. Remember that a released milestone can not be unreleased again and money will transfer to the other part automatically after release.

  • Review

    Review and go ahead on your pre-decided terms.