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Over Mission

After 20 years of experience in business we have faced that one of the hardest thing is to find new paths to new business contacts. When you need a company that could help you to produce such as a small metal part or a frame for a wheel loader that is not available in the market or to find a warehouse or different packing solutions, where can you quickly find contacts for it, Google? 1 000 000 pages? It takes too much of time. When you start with foreign trade, ooh, it becomes even more exciting. Really, it´s frustrating. You have an idea and you don´t know how to advance.

Long-term business

When you want other people to be aware of your company´s products, services or whatever you have to offer, how should you market it?. With a lot of money you can market your business anywhere and hopefully you get ROI (Return of Investment). Most of the companies don´t have the possibility to market them self the way they should or simply don´t know how to do it.

Our Team

We decided that we have to do something about it. We came up with the idea WTR1, World of Trade Number One. A website where you can market and sell your company's products or services or the opposite you ask other companies to offer you something that you need. We wanted the website to be easy to use, cheap and safe. WTR1 is really simple to use and it doesn´t cost anything to place an add whit one picture or to sign up. You can make bids for the offers, chat whit the person, make milestones to security your payment's, see the offers history, other people´s comments about the person you plan to make a deal whit, make deals and so on. You can also simply order a mail or a SMS when someone offers a thing you are looking for or a thing you want to sell. We believe that this is something that all companies have benefit of.

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We are developing the site continuously. That´s why we would be very glad if you spot anything that needs changing or have suggestions for improvements,

Please, Get in touch by mail to info@wtr1.com.

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